About Us

SLEEDO Search Engine is powered by Google, with a twist. We pride ourselves on our main goal, which is to help out the poor by providing them with rice and food. We do not sit on a stock pile of rice which we can readily hand out. We earn our revenue from our sponsors and from Google. This is why we please ask you NOT to spam our search, or to search excessively thinking you are helping out the poor. Please only search as you would on any other search engine, by using us only when you need to research or find something. Just hitting the search button many times without the actual intent of searching for something, will only hurt us in paying for the rice that we will donate. We will not be sending rice directly to the poor. We will be donating money to World Food Programme ( on a regular basis, as our sponsors and advertisers pay us. They are the ones who will be providing the rice and the food to the people who need it most. Our donations will be based on the price of rice.

Here's How you can Help:

1. Please make this website your homepage or bookmark us and use us for your default search engine. You are helping the poor with every search!
2. Please tell everyone you know about this website. The more people that know about this website, the more we will be able to donate.
3. Once again, please do not abuse our search, as it will only stop us from donating as much as possible.
4. Please promote us on your websites, blogs, forums, emails, or just by word of mouth. We will be making some graphics you can place on websites and blogs. If you are a designer and would like to provide us with some you have made for this website, and do not mind sharing, please contact us!
5. Contact us and tell what what you think about this website. How can we make it better, in terms of design, color, features, etc. We love feedback!